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Sample Image Galleries

Slider with Arrows (arrow can be hidden)

Shown here as 4 individual galleries set next to each other 


Shown here as 1 individual gallery set wide. they height can be adjusted to whatever you like.

This slider is a bit closer to the slider. Images are smaller with no space in between, and can be clicked to pop up a full-sized image. The draw back to this one is that I can't set navigation arrows so the user has to discover they can hover over the right or left edge of the gallery to slide/navigate the image.

This slide is similar in behavior to the one above but it has faint navigation arrows on the left and right. I can't seem to find a way to make them more visible. These are all templates and have varying levels of ability to customize.   

3D Slideshow

Add a Title
Add a Title
Add a Title
Add a Title
Wooden Furnitures
Present Surprise
Frozen Berries
Jam Cookies
Love Cereal
Young Romantic Couple
Basket of Flowers

3D Slideshow

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