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Life is short! Many women—and men—want to spend it with a significant other, especially as they age. The problem is they sometimes need help figuring out exactly how to make this happen. Enter this book—Single, Seventy, and Sexless in Seattle! Online dating is the new, or maybe not so new way, (depending on your age and dating experience), to find a true relationship. Most people realize love is the most positive force in the universe. But sometimes reconnecting to love can be overwhelming for those who are recovering from a broken relationship, death of a spouse, wounds from a previous relationship, or just too busy with their day-to-day until realizing they want to find the love of their lives. 

Research has proven that loneliness is detrimental to the human species. We need others in our lives to feel connected, avoid depression, anxiety, and even heart failure. Online dating, as shown by the proliferation of numerous dating apps, is a way to possibly meet a significant other in this busy, sometimes chaotic world we now live in. Spending time with people we love can make our lives happy and fulfilled, and now it is possible to find a true relationship right from our homes using a computer.

The author’s goal is to empower women in their search for a significant other by encouraging them to take steps to become comfortable in the world of online dating. As a widow at age 70, the author overcame her fears and doubts when she entered the sometimes murky waters of this kind of dating. Her first-hand experience of dating men she met online gives the reader a birds-eye view of how to approach and survive different kinds of dating scenarios. As she weaves humorous anecdotes about her actual dating adventures with the logistics of picking the right site; women will learn how to post appropriate and attractive photos, write an interesting and beguiling profile, and become secure in all types of dating adventures. Learning how to be aware, intuitive, and accepting, they will discover ways to increase their courage and decrease their anxieties.

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