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“Sure!” was my out-of-body reply to a question I was asked by a stranger I had just met online. 

The next day, I found myself flying all over Puget Sound in a tiny plane (think tin can with wings) and landing in Port Townsend, about 100 miles northwest of Seattle, for a quick bite to eat. He was a pilot and had rented a plane not owning one apparently due to two previous wives. This was so “not me,” but I was determined to change my fear into fearless and start saying yes to everything that came my way as I entered the online dating world.

This book is for women of any age who don’t know much about online dating, but particularly for those like me approaching dating later in life—who are in their forties and up through their eighties! Even men of any age can learn something too. It’s for those, in any stage of life, who understand and may have tried online dating, but have become frustrated and just need some encouragement to not give up. Yes, there are women who, through no fault of their own—believe this, women, no fault of your own—are alone because of divorce, being widowed (my case), simply never having the desire to be married or in a relationship, or recovering from a recent short or long-term relationship breakup. 


Anyone who is serious about finding love can learn what it takes to navigate the sometimes murky waters of online dating by being proactive and knowing who is out there and available. You can and will want to avoid some of the situations that are anxiety-producing and lead you in the wrong direction. Because of what I experienced in my first-time adventure in online dating, I didn’t want other women to go through the same heartbreak. I want you to have the most positive experiences you can.

By learning and believing, and most importantly, believing in yourself, you will skip the heartbreak. But this book was written not to simply teach or help women to avoid heartbreak. It is about learning the mindset of trusting we are worthy women who want to live the best life we can and believing it is probable and possible. When we, as women, experience and know this, we expand our reach to all those who are in pain and looking for answers.

I was raised in a small town in Indiana, and pretty much lived in a white, privileged bubble since that time. I have been on a spiritual journey for the last ten years and have learned who I am and more about the world, and what I believe is important in life. I was surprised to find out how the world has changed in the dating scene. I wish I knew what I know now before I started the game of online dating. This is why I wrote this book.

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